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Month: May 2017

How to Detect Ransomware Virus

According to a new report from a reputed antivirus company “McAfee Labs”, it states that Ransomware will continue to be a major and one of most rapidly growing malicious attack from the year of 2016! They also added that various new types of Ransomware would be introduced to the world on a daily basis and the traditional security tools for example any antivirus would be struggling to keep up. We can write on Ransomware protection. The new types of the Ransomware have also altered the way they use to encrypt the files. So it is important to understand that...

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Reasons for why android app is important for business use in 2017

There are a few people left in the world who are not familiar with the name of “android”. Google has developed many operating systems but android got its popularity at an extreme rate. This software runs in almost every mobile phone as well as in some other device like tablet etc. Android software system is based on Linux and it is free and open source software. The futuristic ambition of this operating system is to reach an unprecedented height. Already it has posted some impressive figures and now it is the number one mobile operating system. It basically acts...

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7 ways to learn from mistakes

Everyone make mistakes but very few people are there to admit that. It is not easy for a person to admit mistakes but it is the only way to grow and improve. One can learn from mistakes only if he admits that he has made that. It opens several doors of possibilities. However, it has been found that mistakes often feel dangerous as we have a history of handling the error in a very unpleasant way. We know very well how mistakes were made. Errors are sometimes generated due to ignorance and it causes failure which may lead to...

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6 Factors of Customer Relationship Management

Money is an important factor to start and grow any business but it can never buy one of the most important factors which is: relationship. It is not only valuable in promoting a business rather in every cases of a business customer relationship is equally important. Preserving the relationship with the customers can be good for some future purpose also. Customer relationship building is a crucial part to grow a successful business. If at any moment an unsuccessful customer share a negative experience to the social media then that can affect your business badly. So it is very much...

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10 Tips of Social Media Marketing

In today’s competitive business strategies it is very important to understand the value of engaging audience into your businesses worldwide. To pick up target audience, nothing can be better than social media and while building an audience instead of depending on organic search, bloggers develop social media channels as a way of promoting their business and brands. Building and establishing community with the help of social media marketing is not so easy at all. To generate more positive engagement of the readers and to grab the attention from them one should connect with their audience with some valuable contents....

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