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Is your business falling short of meeting its sales targets? Are you dissatisfied with the current sales statistics of your product or service? Do you wish to stimulate progress in the sales department of your business or service? Have you considered researching the best lead generation services in your locality, or tried implementing some effective lead generation strategies to boost your sales?

Do not get disheartened and lose hope because of your poor situation. Most service or product oriented businesses go through a barren patch at least at some point in their commercial ventures. Analysis of the failures of sales strategies of one’s business is important to understand or diagnose the problem. If it seems difficult for you to manage this on your own, consider the option of hiring the services of any of the best or most renowned b2b lead generation companies in India.

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What ARE lead generation services, and how can they help me reach or excel my sales targets?

Before you proceed to employ the services of any trusted lead generation company in India, it is vital to first comprehend what is lead generation, which will help you to understand and determine how lead generation services in India help businesses in the country sell their products or services to a wider client base and attract tons of new customers.

Lead generation is the technique of developing consumer interest regarding the products or services of a commercial business and inspiring potential clients to consider the purchase of said product or service. Conventional offline lead generation techniques like print media advertising and telemarketing are becoming less and less relevant by the day.

Today we are in the Age of Information, which is primarily driven by the Internet and there are many lead generation services which are always more efficient and accurate in generating leads for your business. Since online lead generation techniques are a cheaper alternative to offline services, they have become more popular and more widely used in the 21st century. Apart from that, the online lead generation services allow the business greater control and ability to track their leads in real time, which has become a very essential tool to not only attract, influence and convince clients, but also for statistical and demographic information regarding the target clients for that service or product.

What are the best online lead generation techniques that I should consider?

Now that we have established that looking for services online to generate leads can benefit your business the most, it will be quite crucial for you to realize the most effective techniques that can be adopted and learn how to generate leads in sales for your product or service. Let us look at some of the sure-shot methods guaranteed to generate leads for your service and how they work.

⚫ Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the method of preparing many different aspects of your website like content, User Interface, User Experience, multiple devices compatibility, page maintenance and responsiveness and trustworthiness to ensure that your website ranks among the first page of the relevant search engine result pages. (like Google, Bing, Yahoo,, DuckDuckGo, Baidu etc.) Since more than 70% of potential clients for a service or product below the age of 50 years use smartphones today, they are more often likely to search for the product or service they require on their device rather than look offline.

And this is the great advantage of SEO for businesses looking to attract customers and exercise dynamic lead generation. All you need to make sure is that the service or product you offer is part of the keyword/phrase that your potential client types into their search engine. This type of a manual search for a service or product by an individual on their own personal needs or initiative, without being influenced by any promotion or marketing is called an organic search. And being able to fine-tune your website to the SEO techniques that can land your website on the first page of search engine result pages for any organic search for a service or product yields the most effective type of lead, which can be termed as an organic lead generation. Since no other lead generation strategies are a result of potential customers seeking out a service or product on their own initiative, this makes SEO stand out from the all the rest of the online lead generation tools.

⚫ Content-rich Promotion

There are some other effective methods of lead generation which can greatly benefit your business you make it a point to use these to your advantage when looking to target clients. Some of these methods include:

⚫ Running an active Blog - Writing engaging and interesting blogs are an efficient way of including many relevant keywords that relate to your niche industry or interests. Publishing informative, unique and trendy blogs and then linking your blog to your website and all the social media platforms where you are active will only increase the chances of getting a wider audience for your posts, which in turn will generate more leads to your website.

⚫ Increased relevant social media activity and engagement - Actively interacting in public forums or discussions in various social media that relate to topics relevant to your interests or field of expertise. This allows more people from across the globe to recognize you on different social media platforms and take an interest in you which may ultimately lead them to browse through your website and your services. Some great examples of such interactions are most effective in social media like Quora, Reddit etc.

⚫ Publishing marketing videos on YouTube - YouTube has over 1 billion monthly users and online lead generation experts suggest that it is a game-changing way of engaging potential customers to explore your range of services or products. Audio-visual content has the highest chance of engaging audiences and catching their attention for durations 5times longer than written content. YouTube also lets their channels to create call-to-actions and relevant footnotes or cards on their videos which can direct audiences to a link to any product or service, while a link to the website and other relevant urls for service and product of your business can be input in the description below the video.

⚫ Conducting Webinars - Webinars are web-based seminars and are meant to be an educational or informative lecture on topics that are most relevant to your target audience. They have the potential to influence your audience and trust your expertise and knowledge-base on topics that relate to their needs and requirements.

⚫ Generating Lead magnets - Urging visitors to your website, blog, YouTube channel, and other social media to subscribe to your ‘exclusive free content’ is a great way to acquire heaps of contact details like email ids of subscribers who are in a way or another a potential client. Whether they subscribe to your newsletter or free E-book, PDF, webinar or podcast, or YouTube channel; you get access to their email ids straight away and can then approach them via email to explore your services or products.

⚫ Lead generating companies

Online b2b lead generation companies in India that serve businesses with efficient lead generation are also greatly efficient since they are targeted to let clients to be informed about services and products that are most relevant to them and provide a good Return-On-Investment to most businesses who choose this option. With any successful lead generation company in India, you have the option to choose to run a pay per click (PPC) campaign where you pay for every click on links to your products or services. When a target user clicks on your link, they become a lead, essentially meaning you pay for each lead. This is a relatively cheap, yet highly effective method for lead generation. Consider looking up the internet for highly rated pay per lead generation companies. If you wish to reach a more specific or local group of audience through this option, choose from the most highly rated ones in your city, like the best lead generation companies in Kolkata.

⚫ Popular lead generation strategies like Social Media Optimization are extremely rewarding

Using Social media presence to influence people and generate interest in your products or services is surprisingly easy and effective. If implemented properly and used to its full potential, social media optimization can yield a great rush of leads. Leads generated through inciting social media interest or hype is the most likely way majority of leads can be turned to sales for a business.

Facebook offers a special type of account for businesses where the admin has access to a great number of tools to generate organic and sponsored leads. Being able to receive reviews from clients for service or products sold, to opening a group to share and discuss with various people about your service helps to create leads.

Any well established lead generation company in India will advise you to use social media marketing as a secondary effective way to keep generating new leads every day. In similar ways one can take advantage of other social media platforms, like LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the best lead generation techniques for b2b, while other social media platforms are more successful in facilitating b2c lead generation.

In Twitter, using a hashtag to tag effective keywords to any post you make regarding your service will ensure that all users organically searching for them will find it eventually. Many established brands create renewed hype and media attention by going live on Instagram to share with all their followers a new product launch, some brand related announcements to create buzz or engage them directly by convening Q&A sessions. Getting involved with social media influencers can help bring in a lot of unique leads across various social media platforms as they usually have a strong social media following and are able to easily influence the online habits of their followers. They are ideal human candidates to promote or influence the success of your product or service online.

⚫ Sponsored and paid adverts

Methods of lead generation strategies like SEO traditionally take a longer time to bring rewards, while SMO generates more leads in a shorter span of time. A more localized option of utilising expert lead generation companies in Kolkata can give even faster results. But the fastest method of generating leads online is undoubtedly the use of sponsored or paid adverts.

These methods are highly pinpointed in their relevance of target audience and make use of the most effective keywords to describe your service or product. They can almost instantaneously attract a big number of target audiences and can direct a big inflow of traffic to your website within a matter of a couple of hours, sometimes as early as within half an hour. A good choice is to consider

Sponsored ads on social media platforms all have great potential. Facebook ads for instance, are highly customizable to determine which particular demographic description and social interests match your service or product’s target audience. They also provide the necessary tools to monitor which particular group of audience are either interacting with your ads or ignoring them. This helps you to analyze which general audience group should you focus your ads towards and which you should avoid.

Reach out to a renowned lead generation company in India. Put up ads on top banners or side banners of websites of businesses selling products related to yours but are not direct competitors. Buy or rent ad banners on media streaming and e-commerce websites which always have a stable regular flow of on-site traffic anytime of the day.

⚫ Maintaining, updating and optimising your website

Ill-informed businesses sometimes invest a lot of finances into various types of lead generation, from utilising SEO and SMO techniques to approaching a successful lead generation company in India; and still fail to attract enough traffic into their website.

More often than not, this is because their website is either poorly developed, or suffers bugs and errors, or rarely updated, has poorly responsive pages or a combination of all these issues. These factors will always discourage any traffic that does come to stay on their website and browse for a longer while, or rarely even interact with the user interface at all.

Though one maybe using the services of a top lead generation company in India, or spending money on sponsored adverts; the traffic will never see substantial progress. To tackle these issues it is crucial to update, develop and fix the website to make sure it is responsive, loads pages in less than 2 seconds, and has a simple yet engaging user interface.

Some tools like Google analytics allow you to see extensively detailed information about the audience which your page attracts and this data can be utilised to fine-tune your page to attract the type of audience that your service can persuade to purchase. The Google Webmaster tools on the other hand allow developers to identify and fix bugs and errors on the website.

What is the final verdict on using a lead generation company in India?

The smart way to generate leads to the fullest potential is to first analyse your targets for leads and what specific audience do you want your leads to generate from. As already explained, a lead generation company in India will attract leads in no time. But other methods can also prove equally effective in the long run.

A healthy combination of the best methods suited for your type of service is most advisable. A more local-centric approach may call for looking for lead generation companies in Kolkata to cater to more specific traffic.

But for any brand or company located in India, as far as using an online business to generate more leads and convert to sales go, one can always go ahead with getting the help of a sought after lead generation company in India that can help your product or service convert more sales as time passes.

Lead Generation Techniques

Passionate Futurist has a team of lead generation experts. We offer lead generation through email, voice, social, chat, website and mobile. Our experts know that call starts using email. We can send intro and follow-up email.

In social media, we send invitation for connecting with your business. We are expert in sending follow-up email. We can provide online chat 24x7 for your business. We can also follow up your client using emailers.

Our designers have the capability of promoting the landing page with the help of contact form. We can find out those prospects visiting your site. Our graphic experts can design high quality banners for hitting the prospects. We can definitely follow up through email and call. We can also send notification through SMS to the clients. Our emails are event-triggered. Our experts know how to do email blasts.

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Passionate Futurist has vast experience of providing customers with effective lead generation services. Passionate Futurist is a leading business and sales lead generation company. We can provide you with a customized solution based on your lead generation requirements that would address your needs. For that reason we are among the best lead generation company in India.

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Passionate Futurist has professional sales lead research team who are all well-trained and molded with great experience in the field. Our professional team is specialized in providing relevant and high-quality contents. Apart from that our experts offer the best possible online lead generation strategies. We always deliver our services much before the deadline.

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Passionate Futurist is one of the leading online lead generation companies in India. We can provide you with a customized solution based on your lead generation requirements that would address your needs. We provide lead generation by posting blogs, forums and social networking sites that allow generation of quality leads and worldwide marketing. We also provide offline lead generation through telemarketing, postal campaigns, referral programs, meetings, PR and advertising, surveys, seminars, and conferences at an affordable rate.