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Looking to promote your company’s next event, workshop, milestone or product launch? Professional Press Release Writing Services can get your problems solved with effective results. If you wish to create the most eye-catching press releases to get maximum exposure through media and generate publicity about your event, but are unsure how to write a press release for an event; consider the services of Professional Press Release Writers to ensure your public event attracts media hype and publicity.

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What Are Press Releases?

A press release is a brief but specifically detailed official summary for any public event, gathering, exhibition or workshop or similar events, which is usually issued by a business or organization. Press releases are distributed through both print and electronic media and sometimes as direct leaflets to be distributed around a locality.

They serve as a good way to generate publicity about the event and also as an indirect marketing tool to let people recognize that business. sProfessional Press Release Writers have the expertise to create a press release document for your business that can strike the perfect balance between being a marketing tool and generating interest and publicity.

What Is Press Release Writing?

Press release writing is a method of writing a detailed yet brief summary of an upcoming event for a business or an organization. The primary role of a press release is to promote some specific event that has significance to the business or organization arranging it. A press release document must stick to the officially recognized press release format for business or organizations.

Press releases can either be scheduled ‘for immediate release’ or be selectively released through some specific media house or source. Press releases marked ‘for immediate release’ which means it can be shared by any person once it is released to the public, while the ones released through a specific media usually have time limit after which it can be shared by anyone. If you have a press release you wish to generate publicity locally and target a local audience, then choose Press Release Writing Services in Kolkata so that you can generate publicity locally and efficiently.

When Should You Publish a Press Release?

There can be a lot of confusion amongst a business or company’s PR team when it comes to deciding the best time to publish a press release to a media house. And it truly can be a hard task trying to guess if their email will be opened at all. So it certainly is a challenging task. But there are some facts to consider that certainly influence the chances of your press release being viewed by an editor in their already mail-accumulated inbox. According to public relations experts across the web there is some certain idea about these facts.

The most obvious and accurate is that the weekend is the worst time to email media house editor your press release. Most people skip checking on their inbox during weekends and editors are no different. The next two least successful days for sending a press release would be Monday and Friday. Monday being the start of the weekdays and the resuming of the weekly office routine or regime is a really bad day to send a press release through mail.

A lot of people’s inboxes get flooded with mails on a Monday, and some people just avoid checking them altogether; or some just scroll till they find the important ones from their own office. The situation with Friday is that it is almost the end of the weekdays and a lot people get into the ‘weekend mood’ by Friday and simply have a slow day at the office. This leaves the midweek and these might just be the days on which one should submit their press release to a media house editor.

Some people think that either Tuesday or Thursday are the best days to do it. That seems to be because Tuesdays are a day after the beginning of a hectic week of work and Thursdays come right before the end of a hectic week at work. So on these days’ people really try to go through their mail. And experts also believe that the perfect time to send your press release would be from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Press Release Writing Services provided by Professional Press Release Writers are always submitted after thorough research of work schedules of the media house concerned.

The Importance of Press Releases

Although in the 21st century a lot of marketing experts claim that press releases are outdated and useless, that is completely false. If you consult with leading Professional Press Release Writers in India, you will surely get a better idea. But for immediate use or reference, here are some of the major advantages of circulating press releases that highlight how important and relevant press releases are even today:

⚫ Fairly cost-effective promotion - Compared to most other paid advertisements and promotions, press releases are a cheaper alternative

⚫ Chances of increasing visibility of a business - Today businesses are in a race to achieve greater online visibility, but press releases are the old-fashioned method of increasing the offline visibility. But if implemented well, a well distributed press release generates a healthy dose of both offline and online visibility.

⚫ Any type of business or organization can benefit from it - Press releases have the potential to generate publicity about any business or organization whose event it summarises.

⚫ A well summarised and scheduled press release can publicize a local event far and wide - A press release for a small local population may generate publicity, get covered by a news channel or network, and eventually get publicized thousands of miles across some other continent: all because of a well summarised and detailed press release. This is a good reason to find the ideal Press Release Writing Services in Kolkata to start publicizing your event locally and then let the media do the rest.

⚫ Both brand promotion and marketing covered in one circulation - Press releases have the advantage of serving a dual purpose of both promoting an event and effectively serve as a marketing tool to influence people and generate brand visibility.

Why Choose Press Release Writing Services to improve branding?

Lots of different businesses in India employ different techniques and strategies to improve the branding. But then why should you choose press releases to help improve your branding? The answers are quite direct and simple, already having been explained. The first reason would be the cheap cost of circulating press releases. It already gives you a chance to grow your brand without spending much.

The next reason would be the ability to generate publicity and visibility for your business, again at a bargain. And press releases being a good way to both promote your business as well as use it as a marketing tool adds to the bonus values of good press release circulation.

Press Release Writing Services by Experts at Passionate Futurist

When looking for reliable and creative Press Release Writing Services in Kolkata, Passionate Futurist is the solution to promoting your event to its maximum potential. If you already have all the ideas on your press release but don’t know the exact press release structure or format to go for, Our Professional Press Release Writers can write up a storm and make every penny you spend worth your while. Need any more reasons or validation? Here are some reasons why we are the best at what we do:

⚫ Professional and Original Content - Our team of experts make sure to write every press release as an original work, with no boring and mundane punchlines or phrases. They keep it short, to the point and gripping enough to engage readers.

⚫ Competitive prices - We offer our services at really competitive prices so that our clients choose us for our value-oriented business

⚫ Expert knowledge of Promotion and Brand Visibility Techniques - Our team of professionals can leverage the press release to generate maximum brand visibility and promote your event simultaneously.

⚫ Bonuses and Exciting Deals - We offer bonus packages and value-added deals are always available for our clients.

⚫ 24x7 chat and tech support - You can contact us at anytime of the day to make any change of details or information to be summarized so you can customize your press release right until final publication!

The Most Professional Press Release Writers to Promote Your Events!

With some of the most Professional Press Release Writers in India, Passionate Futurist is for certain the optimum choice for Press Release Writing Services in Kolkata. With every aspect of promoting your event, generating publicity and increasing brand visibility covered, you can relax and plan your event as we make your event viral. CTA