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Month: August 2017

15 Reasons for Decline in Clients in Any Business

  At the end of your day, behind the closed door of your bedroom, your brain is buzzing and realizing that you worked hard, doing all the right things, but your client list is not growing and new customers are not coming as per your expectation. You have gone far away from your friends and family as you are sunk in the workload, but still, if they are asking about your success, you are feeling embarrassed to answer them. This is really frustrating for a businessman. But, what if you get the exact reasons for this problem? What if...

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Essential Skills of An Excellent SEO Analyst for Alexa rank improvement

The most difficult part of any growing business is its promotion. And when people will come to know about your company, they will search it on the web to gather more information. But, if searching on the web gives no results about your company, then it keeps no worth of its promotion. You can get SEO analyst jobs in Kolkata. So, your business requires having proper visibility on the web. Here, you are required to have an SEO Analyst. Now, when you are hiring an SEO expert, or you yourself being prepared to be an SEO analyst, you should...

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Complete Step by Step Tutorial Guide on How SEO Works

When you are searching anything on Google, you will get billions of relevant results as per your search. Most of the time, you will like to click on those few links appearing on the top of your search results on SEO marketing. Now, you must be thinking that from billions of results, why and how those few links are coming at the top of the list? Well, there the credit goes to SEO optimization process. So, first of all, you need to learn what SEO is? What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It mainly helps to...

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