Whenever you are writing a blog, your main target will be to seize the attention of readers. If your website is remarkably designed, then it will attract more readers. Now, when it comes to creativity, you can never beat the real deal. But how can you do it? What if you can’t afford to hire a professional designer for your blog or website?


Don’t feel low if you are not a professional designer because it doesn’t mean you cannot make your website look better. Rather, Congratulations! You are going through the most appropriate blog that delivers best blog design tips. We offer content writer jobs in Kolkata.

Making your website or blog look stunning is neither so easy nor too difficult.  We can create the best content writer resume.  If you can blend your effort with your bravery then here listed below are 21 blog and web design tips for non-designers to show you the right path.
1. Use easy-to-read fonts
Readers’ eyes might find it hard to read the material if the writing font is too complicated. We offer the best content writer for website.
2. Be brave to apply scale.

Website design basic tip is to apply scale to composition features, and use perfect colors to enhance the technique.

3. Be careful about spacing

Use letters, in such a way, so that it can kill the unnecessary space. However, don’t make it too condensed; be careful that it can be read.

4. Be clever while playing with colors

The Select color scheme, having 1-3 primary and1-3 secondary colors. It must contrast and complement each other. It is one of the best blog design tips. We can create the best content writer application for your business.

5. Keep it crystal clear
According to website design basic tips, make your design look clear by pumping up the contrast and adjusting the brightness. You can get the best articles from our content writer in Australia.
 6. Keep it simple
Avoid giving messy look to your blog by adding lots of extra features. It is one of the blog design tips for beginners. We can write excellent product description with the help of our content writer in Amazon.
7. Focus on creativity
Be creative so that your blog maintains its originality.
8. Use hierarchy
The best blog design tip is to use hierarchy to order your content. You can get excellent design tips on architecture.
9. Use symmetry
Try to play with symmetry and use horizontal and vertical lines. Our graphic designers can help you get design a flyer tips.
10. Take a break
Relaxation can recharge your mental battery to make you feel refreshed for new creative ideas. We can provide excellent design tips for book covers.
11. Use white space
Try to create fluid designs, which surround words with white spaces. We can provide you the best design a website tips.
12. Research before diving in
A best blog design tip for beginners is to research properly before starting it.
13. Make a mood board
Try to create a mood board to collect images and other visual elements. You can get the best design tips and tricks.
14. Create after imitating
Replicate the type from other websites but put your creativity to give it the best touch. We can provide excellent design tips for powerpoint.
15. Stay upgraded
Always be conscious about current events. We can provide you design tips for small spaces.
16. Think out of the box
Enrich your creativity by thinking newer ideas.
17. Be careful about contrast
It is the key asset of best blog design tips. Our experts can provide excellent design tips for android.
18. Keep note
Ideas can come at any time so try to keep notes. We can hire a content writer for our office in Kolkata.
19. Maintain proper line height
Best blog design tip is to apply line-height of 1.6.
20. Use background photo
If you think something is missing then add background photo.
21. Use icons
You can use icons for quick illustrations.
So, here were our website design basic tips. Kindly, let us know if you were satisfied or not. Like our Facebook page and comment your status.