You have bought a domain name for sale. Well, Congratulations! You have created a path towards establishing your online presence by checking its availability. It is actually the start of an exciting business venture or it might be an early step of getting an online website. If you buy it through domain name lookup, that means you have registered your desired name and from that time, no one can use that domain name system. But, if you have it and you are puzzled about what to do next with it, then this post can play the role of best guide. Here, you will be getting an idea about the purchase. Let’s check it out quickly!

  1. Provide security to your business name

If you are using your domain name generator for business purposes, then secure your business name at Companies House.

  1. Set an email address

It is the common form of business communication. So, set an email address after buying a domain name after checking the domain name availability.

  1. Guard your social media accounts

Secure all the relevant social media accounts of your business before you get too involved after buying the domain from the domain registrar.

  1. Start email marketing

Well-maintained customer mailing can be a vital asset for your business. So, start email marketing after the domain name registration. 

  1. Create a construction page

Create an under construction page for your website. It helps in proving your active presence and you can always take the help of suggestions.

  1. Add SSL

It stands for Secure Socket Layer. The little green padlock to the left of the web address is the SSL. It keeps your data secure. It acts as a Google ranking factor too. Our domain name appraisal will help you significantly.

  1. Set up a blank version of your domain

After buying, set up an original version of your domain. It prevents showing an error page to the user.

  1. Verify your site

Verify your site with Google Search Console or Webmaster Tools to fix many common problems.

  1. Include Google Analytics

Google Analytics is professional-level analytics tool for your website that provides you the customer overview. You can get guidance from our experts about domain name hosting.

  1. Keep your domain alive

If you have bought your domain name, then don’t let it be expired. Renew your domain as per the requirement get a suitable domain name and email.

  1. Get web hosting package

After buying, the first thing is to do is to buy a web hosting plan to host your website.

  1. Trademark your business name

Register a trademark to protect your business name.

  1. Get your website SEO optimized

Start with SEO measures like link building and use a good business domain name analyzer.  If you can do it properly then you will get a millions of visitors in your website!

  1. Start advertising your website

After buying, take the help of our experienced designers for website creation, and then start promoting your website through social media with the help of our web hosting services.

  1. Order your business card

You never know how new opportunities may come when you meet new people. So, order business cards.

  1. Start doing business

It may sound weird, but actually, it is not. Domain names can be an innovative choice for investment. If you have bought or registered a domain name and email hosting, then you can sell the unused domain. Get good business domain name ideas from our expert team.

17. For sale 

You just need to set up a For Sale page so that visitors know about it and include your contact information to stay connected with the customers.

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