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Month: June 2017

How much does an E-commerce website cost in 2017?

People are now in love with the letter ‘e’. It may sound weird, but yes, it’s true. We love e-mail, e-money, e-wallet, and even e-commerce website builder too. It has now become a fascination to involve the letter ‘e’ in our daily life. E-commerce website comes in different forms. So it is quite difficult to find the actual cost for e-commerce websites. Irrespective of you are starting a new e-commerce website or going to proceed with the existing one, the cost of your website will depend on the kind of your business type and need, on the platform on which...

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How to Choose The Right Website Domain

There is a proverb that the first impression is the most lasting. Whenever you are starting a business, the domain name of your website is going to be the main key element. After a lot of thought and consideration, you should choose your domain name as it is one of them which you are going to carry for a long time. We can help you in website domain search. Choosing a right domain name is vital as it is the identity of your website. It should be identical and best fit for your business and would be easy to...

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How to create the Best Pinterest Images

Still, many bloggers are puzzled with Pinterest images not loading and some even don’t know how to use Pinterest. But, it is highly advantageous because one can get higher exposure with the help of it. So, people rush to search ideas regarding it to fulfill their requirements and necessities. If you are also among them and having inconveniences with your images and you cannot make it Pinterest friendly, don’t bother, calm down, you are at the best place to find the solution of your problem. Here, the article focuses on to guide you in this regard. It gives some...

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The Complete Guide to Google Search Algorithm – Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird

When you are in need of useful information, you will rely on Google search. But, you will expect only the answer, not millions of WebPages. Here, Google ranking system works to sort out the relevant result from billions of web pages in your search index, within a fraction of a second for Google search algorithm update.  This Google ranking system is made up of a series of algorithms which are useful in analyzing what information you are actually looking for in return. Google has multiple algorithms that influence website ranking. All the algorithms work as page rank checker for...

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Top 24 Tips and Tricks for Cold Calling in Sales

People hear the sound of the fluttering wings of butterflies inside their stomach when their turns come for cold calling tips to clients. It makes them sweat as it has many opposite effects. If you don’t make proper cold calling strategies, then you might feel to be thrown into the deep darkness. Though, some people describe it as dead but still, some companies rely on the success of cold calling. If you are still proceeding with the old techniques to make calls, then you cannot hit the goal. Everything has changed over the past years; so, here in this post,...

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