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7 ways to learn from mistakes

Everyone make mistakes but very few people are there to admit that. It is not easy for a person to admit mistakes but it is the only way to grow and improve. One can learn from mistakes only if he admits that he has made that. It opens several doors of possibilities. However, it has been found that mistakes often feel dangerous as we have a history of handling the error in a very unpleasant way. We know very well how mistakes were made. Errors are sometimes generated due to ignorance and it causes failure which may lead to...

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15 Reasons for Decline in Clients in Any Business

  At the end of your day, behind the closed door of your bedroom, your brain is buzzing and realizing that you worked hard, doing all the right things, but your client list is not growing and new customers are not coming as per your expectation. You have gone far away from your friends and family as you are sunk in the workload, but still, if they are asking about your success, you are feeling embarrassed to answer them. This is really frustrating for a businessman. But, what if you get the exact reasons for this problem? What if...

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