If you are willing to start a business but getting afraid about how to begin then here is great news for you. Just open a Facebook account and enrich your friend list with more friends. Now you can get surprised and think it must be a joke after reading it but no it is fact. Facebook gives you the opportunity to start your own business throughout the world as you can operate your very own Facebook page for business purpose. We can use business promotional items in Facebook.
Almost every people check their Facebook whenever they get some free minute. If your business is already there then the user can easily make a purchase from you even when they are on their office break or even when they are waiting in the line of ordering their lunch too. No one wants to miss such kind of instant retail accessibility. Now you are very courageous about it and you want to know how to turn your Facebook page into an online selling store. Here are some simple steps are given below to guide you best. We can offer business promotion in Utah.
Step 1. In the first step to set up a Facebook shop, you need to create a Facebook business page as you cannot do it with your personal Facebook account. Once it is opened now it is time to create your own Facebook shop. Using Facebook friendly e-commerce platform can be the best way out for it. You can get good business promotion reviews from us.
Step 2. Upload your product data and connect your payment processor to the Facebook shop. While doing this Facebook will give you clear instructions. There will be the choice of PayPal or Stripe for payment purpose. Top e-commerce platform like Shopify, BigCommerce will help you to list and sell products on a Facebook shop. We offer business promotional gifts to our customers.
Step 3. Compare e-commerce platform options for your Facebook shops. Choose the valuable and reasonable one for your Facebook store. Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform according to its features. Again there are plenty of such platforms to connect with your Facebook store. We can write about business promotional products in ecommerce.
Step 4. Create products and link them all to your Facebook shop. e-commerce websites make it easy to enter product information into the store. It is also quite easy inserting images and setting up payment information with the help of it. While creating the product list you need to show good images of your products to seek attention. Describe your product in detail and provide size and weight related information also so that you can print accurate shipping details. Though it is optional and not mandatory it can be useful. Set your product codes to your online store. You can get business promotion Google reviews from our company.
After that, you need to add four types of store information to let your customer know all the details about your store.
1. Contact information: Provide your Email id and contact number to connect with you. Also, include the timings to let your customer know when the right time to get customer service is. We have a lot of business promotion ideas.
2. Customer service & Privacy Policy: Let them know that details of customers will be kept confidential and they will get the best service and return policy if required.
3. Shipping rates and policy: Place the shipping rates directly to your Facebook business page. It will have more visibility.
4. “About Us” Information: It is a branding opportunity and it personalizes the customer experience. So give some information about you. To run Facebook store it is required. Our content writers are expert in business promotion articles.
Step 5. Market your products for the success of the Facebook shop. Be ready for its promotion to countless potential customers. You can promote them via Facebook posts and ads. The engagement with customers thus increases that helps to gain more attention from viewers. Due to all these reasons, Facebook store is now becoming one of the best online sellers gradually. We are the best business promotion company in India.
Facebook Store Benefits:
1. Fully integrated Facebook store help customers to browse your products and collection easily on your Facebook page. None can be easier than this.
2. Billions of people use their mobile phones to connect with Facebook. So the Facebook shop is designed for mobile access too.
3. You can personalize the shopping experience by connecting with your customers instantly. They can buy products directly in chat and track orders too.
4. The process is very easy to set up a Facebook store. Product details can be uploaded with the help of Shopify e-commerce platform. We are expert in business promotion activities.
Drawbacks of the Facebook store:
1. Communication with clients might be easy but sometimes it can have some bad and undesired comments or spam post. Even if you fix this issue by deleting the comment, you will never know how many people have already seen it.
2. If you have so many likes for your page that doesn’t mean all of them are seeing your posts in their newsfeed. So you will not be able to measure the actual and accurate impressions.
3. It is very time-to consume because you will end up with lots of positive as well as negative comments too because Facebook runs 24 hours a day so managing the page might be hectic.
4. Sometimes advertisement costs are high and you will hesitate to afford it.

So from the above information decide first if you are using the Facebook store as your business then start planning and hope you have a great experience with it. We offer business promotion jobs in Kolkata. We know everything about starting a business promotion.