For beginners of web development, they are advised to stick as it is easy and popular. Few important steps need to be followed by the beginners to build a website. Few designers are using the platform of WordPress. WordPress is created since 2003. Now a day’s WordPress website templates are getting attention from everywhere. WordPress means the site where you can download and install all software. We know how to use WordPress with godaddy.

To start a website using WordPress the important steps are given below:
Step 1: Select a proper and right platform for your website
Selecting a suitable platform for your website is a very important step before selecting the color and domain name of your site. There are so many procedures to make a website but the WordPress website templates in easier among all. Before the usage of WordPress, a website needs to be prepared with the help of HTML code, CSS code and even with the help of flash. But to make a website using those coding procedure took time and also was hard also. This type of website making procedure needs more skills. To avoid this kind of problem the platform of website building started using WordPress to create a website. WordPress is a user-friendly platform. Comparing to other website builders, WordPress is totally free of cost. For this WordPress website design, making is easy. WordPress helps to create websites of every size. We have good idea on how to use wordpress offline.
Step 2: Creating a domain host name

Selecting a proper domain name is also the very important part. A few perfect tips to create a perfect domain name such that,
1. Stick with the form of .net, .org and .com format.
2. Use perfect and frequently searched keywords.
3. Keep the domain name small, maximum of 15 characters.
4. The name should easy to remember and pronounce.
5. Must select unique WordPress domain name.
6. Use of hyphens is not necessary so must avoid this.
7. Try to ignore doubled letters.
8. Keep some space to expand the WordPress domain name. We can help you on how to use WordPress with Google domains.
Step 3: Choosing the proper hosting in WordPress

WordPress Hosting is a vital key component to prepare a successful website. Various type of WordPress Hosting options are over there such that managed, Free, VPS, Shared and Dedicated. We can assist you to use WordPress theme as CMS.
Step 4: Installation of WordPress
Installing WordPress on your computer is very important. First WordPress download is needed. Then download the XXAMP to run the WordPress website. After downloading XXAMP install it and run. Now open the window of XXAMP and start the Apache and MySQL. If it is properly running them go to the downloaded zip file of WordPress and extract inside the workspace folder in C drive. Now the installation process of WordPress is complete. We have a thorough understanding on how to use WordPress for website.
Step 6: Steps to run and select WordPress theme
To run the WordPress go to your browser and type ‘localhost’ in the address bar. Now create a database to start making the website. Maximum time beginners feel devastated when they need to select the proper theme for their website. There are so many options to select the theme from the WordPress themes. All themes are free of cost over there. We know how to use WordPress locally.
Step 7: Plugins setup
There are so many WordPress plugins to moderate the websites. WordPress Plugins helps to create new options on the website. WordPress Plugins are necessary to run the WordPress Beginner website. We know how to use WordPress as backend. 
Step 8: Installation and setup procedure of Google Analytics in WordPress
After completing the creation of your website you need to put this website in the search engines of Google and Bing. We know how to use WordPress as a database. This is very necessary part to get an Alexa rank worldwide. We can guide on how to use WordPress as intranet. Our designers know how to use WordPress as portfolio. We have sound knowledge on how to use a WordPress plugin.