The ransomware in the recent times has been growing day by day and thus it drives the security industry to formulate strong and sensible security system or else to build some applications which are capable of blocking those external threats. Hence in order to reduce or eradicate those external threats, it is required to ensure a high level of defense against those malware and external threats.

  1. It is very much important to back up all the essential files and folders on daily basis. Thus the backup system must be diversified as if the failure of any point must not result in some irreversible loss or leakages of data. One copy must be stored in the cloud or must resort towards the services like in Dropbox. And the next files must be stored in the offline medias like the portable medias HDD. Most importantly if the tactics of toggle data are accessed and are set to write the permissions, so in that case, the files are not required to be modified and also the files cannot be erased.
  2. Personalization of the settings of anti-spam in the right procedure. There are many ransomware variants which are famous for spreading through catching emails which contain infectious attachments. Thus configuring the webmail server is very much important in order to block the spam attachments with the extensions, for example, .scr, .vbs, .exe.
  3. Do not open those attachments that look suspicious. Phishing emails are most dangerous and it contains messages and external links are attached to the body of mail that is quite unfamiliar. Thus the users must be refrained to click on those links and to open it.
  4. The hyperlinks which are received through different social links like for an instance messenger or WhatsApp must not be opened or clicked. It might be your friends or relatives or any trusted source from where you receive the links so in that case the links must not be opened. In this attack, the cybercriminals submit infected or bad links and compromise their own accounts to many people as possible.
  5. The extension feature of show file can also result in thwart of ransomware plagues. It can be regarded as the functionality of native windows which generally allows determining the type of files which are required to be opened. The cyber criminals can also utilize the techniques where the files are required to assign for some of the extensions.
  6. If any suspicion event is spotted in the computer then it will be wise to turn off the internet connection. It is very much important if the connection is switched off in the early stage as because the ransomware will not get the chance to establish the connection further. The ransomware will not get any further chance to control or command the server and thus will fail to complete its encryption process.
  7. To increase the protection further the settings of the firewall protection must be enhanced properly. There are various security suites which are used to accommodate various firewalls which can also become a greater amount of addition towards its stock defense.

Tackling with the consequences of “Ransomware” attacks is just like the Russian roulette where submitting the ransom can be the only option for recovering the locked or lost data. This is exactly why concentrating on the prevention is a sensible approach to adopt. The alarming progress of ransomware over the last few years has taken away the security industry to develop myriads of the tools which are applicable for obstructing these types of malware attacks from being implemented on the computers but only a few of them are fully helpful in protecting this malicious attack.