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Day: May 18, 2017

How to prevent your PC from Ransomware?

The ransomware in the recent times has been growing day by day and thus it drives the security industry to formulate strong and sensible security system or else to build some applications which are capable of blocking those external threats. Hence in order to reduce or eradicate those external threats, it is required to ensure a high level of defense against those malware and external threats. It is very much important to back up all the essential files and folders on daily basis. Thus the backup system must be diversified as if the failure of any point must not...

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How to Detect Ransomware Virus

According to a new report from a reputed antivirus company “McAfee Labs”, it states that Ransomware will continue to be a major and one of most rapidly growing malicious attack from the year of 2016! They also added that various new types of Ransomware would be introduced to the world on a daily basis and the traditional security tools for example any antivirus would be struggling to keep up. We can write on Ransomware protection. The new types of the Ransomware have also altered the way they use to encrypt the files. So it is important to understand that...

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Reasons for why android app is important for business use in 2017

There are a few people left in the world who are not familiar with the name of “android”. Google has developed many operating systems but android got its popularity at an extreme rate. This software runs in almost every mobile phone as well as in some other device like tablet etc. Android software system is based on Linux and it is free and open source software. The futuristic ambition of this operating system is to reach an unprecedented height. Already it has posted some impressive figures and now it is the number one mobile operating system. It basically acts...

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