When you are in need of useful information, you will rely on Google search. But, you will expect only the answer, not millions of WebPages. Here, Google ranking system works to sort out the relevant result from billions of web pages in your search index, within a fraction of a second for Google search algorithm update. 
This Google ranking system is made up of a series of algorithms which are useful in analyzing what information you are actually looking for in return. Google has multiple algorithms that influence website ranking. All the algorithms work as page rank checker for the purpose of SEO analysis. Let’s have a look on top three Google Search Algorithm 2017.
Google Panda
The main purpose of this algorithm is to keep low quality and low content sites away from the top ranking search results and producing the actually required site. Since Panda was launched, as an obvious result, many websites saw a huge decline in ranking and you can understand the Panda algorithm update from our company. As a consequence, higher quality content is rewarded with higher website ranking for Google Search Algorithm name. Now Google has evolved Panda as a core algorithm. Particularly, Panda doesn’t target user generated content. But if it does the same, then the sites that are producing lower quality content, will be experiencing huge impact on it. Another aspect of Panda is word count. Google recommends you to think actually how many words are enough for your content and if it matches the query. Technical SEO does not have any impact on Panda. To prevent your content from the attack of Panda, repetitive revision is required for your content. We ca provide you an accurate Google search algorithm paper on Panda algorithm questions. 
Google Penguin
The second major algorithm is Penguin. It mainly deals with the link quality. Penguin checks the website optimization and the sites containing spam, link badges, low-quality directories and info-graphics will no longer receive ranking in search terms. We know the Google search algorithm trade secret. Unless a site has done a sketchy link building in the past or hired SEO who have engaged in those tactics, the sites need not worry about Penguin. It is strictly algorithmic in nature and cannot be lifted by Google. It creates an impact on the Google ranking of the sites containing low-quality links. If you suspect that your site can get affected by the Penguin algorithm update, then remove low-quality links. There are plenty of hacked sites containing low-quality links, so beware of that. A Google update is expected and a new version of Penguin is going to release soon.
Google Hummingbird
It is a new algorithm of Google. It doesn’t deal with the content or the links; rather it works to show the appropriate result for your specific search on hummingbird algorithm update. It is positively impacting the type of sites having high-quality content. Hummingbird also impacts long-tailed search queries. It is not known that when Google search algorithm code works for the hummingbird.
All these algorithms have adverse impacts on Google page rank of your site. So, now you got some idea about this. Was the article helpful? We would like to hear from you. Kindly like our Facebook page and give us feedback so that we can improve more. You can get guidance for Google search autocomplete algorithm.