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Month: June 2017

HTML Tutorial on How to create a Website

Besides WordPress, you can make a website using HTML language. You will have predictable troubles no matter which and what web page editor are being used and you will be required to know HTML to sort out the problem. Few easy steps are described below to make a website. You should know the full form of HTML which is Hyper Text Markup Languages. You can create website and email with the assistance of our experts. The first step is to download notepad, notepad++ or Dreamweaver to write the script for HTML. For a quick demonstration that how the script...

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Implementation of Goods and Service Tax (GST) in India

In India the taxation system is known as Federal Taxation. The Federal Taxation means that both the state and central government has power to collect taxes. There are various kinds of indirect taxes in India like service tax, excise duty, custom duty, sales tax, VAT, CST, entertainment tax etc. We can provide GST implementation in SAP. First of all we have to know what is an indirect tax. The indirect tax is such tax which can be levied on other person. As example the service tax is paid by the service provider but the same can be collected from...

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How to use WordPress in Web Design

For beginners of web development, they are advised to stick as it is easy and popular. Few important steps need to be followed by the beginners to build a website. Few designers are using the platform of WordPress. WordPress is created since 2003. Now a day’s WordPress website templates are getting attention from everywhere. WordPress means the site where you can download and install all software. We know how to use WordPress with godaddy. To start a website using WordPress the important steps are given below: Step 1: Select a proper and right platform for your website Selecting a...

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How to Build A Successful Startup Business

If you believe in exclusivity and you want to start a new business, then pat on your back and give yourself facilitation. You have chosen the right path, to make an illusion of your vision. Now, the headache starts rising, you are quite suspicious and standing with cold feet that what to do before starting up a business. Yes, you are at the perfect place to drop your fear as here, you must get an idea about the things needed before you start a startup. We can help you develop startup business plan. So, throw your nervousness off and...

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