Besides WordPress, you can make a website using HTML language. You will have predictable troubles no matter which and what web page editor are being used and you will be required to know HTML to sort out the problem. Few easy steps are described below to make a website. You should know the full form of HTML which is Hyper Text Markup Languages. You can create website and email with the assistance of our experts.
The first step is to download notepad, notepad++ or Dreamweaver to write the script for HTML. For a quick demonstration that how the script will be for HTML you can see any website’s source. To see this source goes to any website and do ‘right click’ and click on the option ‘View page source’. It will create a new page with full HTML script of that website. You can create website online.

There are so many shortcuts to see the page source such as for Mozilla Firefox browser use Ctrl+U, for Google use the button F12 on the keyboard and so on. After clicking on ‘View page source’ the below page will appear and you will be able to create website domain.

Now you can start writing an HTML code on notepad or notepad++ or Dreamweaver following the steps below. Following easy steps, you first try to create a simple website. First, keep it in mind that the opening and closing tag must be within <> and </> respectively. Though you can use normal notepad still you are advised to use notepad++ or Dreamweaver as in this writing of languages will be easy. You can select your languages by selecting the language type such as HTML, PHP, and C++ and so on. In the starting of the HTML, programming must include <!DOCTYPE> then start typing rest of the HTML program. If you want to create website using wordpress, we will help you.

So many tags you need to remember for website making such as
• <html> </html>: Classify the root of HTML document.
• <head> </head>: Describes the document’s information.
• <body> </body>: describes the document’s main body.
• <a> </a>: To make hyperlink
• <address> </address>: it uses mainly to describe the contact information of owner or author.
• <b> </b>: Use to bold the text.

• <br> </br>: This is used for a single line break.
• <caption> </caption>: to add caption in tables or images.
• <div> </div>: To mention a separate section in the HTML document. Those who are expert to create a website using HTML, you can get in touch with us.
Like all these tags there are more other tags you can use for your HTML website. An example of HTML program is given with the browser output. Always save the notepad file in .html extension otherwise it won’t be able to open in a browser. If you need website banner for promotion, you can get in touch with us. Those who want to create website buttons, they can get in touch with our company. We can assist you to create website app.  With our assistance, you can create website and make money. Our expert designers can create website animation. We can create a website with WordPress. We will help you create a website blog. Our designers know how to create website background. We know how to create website banner in PowerPoint. If you want to create website content, you can get our expert writers. We will help you how to create website calculator easily. Our experts know how to create website domain name. Our database experts know how to create website database.We know everything on how to create website directory.