PHP means PHP:Hypertext Preprocessor which has a wide use in web development. PHP is mainly one of the famous scripting languages. PHP language can be embedded into HTML programming. Few steps need to be followed during the website making using PHP website design software.
Step 1: Server setting
To start a PHP program you need to have XAMPP software to be installed. After downloading and installing XAMPP check that the software is running properly or not. Then in the XAMPP folder create a new folder named ‘PHPwebsite’ in the folder of ‘htdocs’. Whatever the next file will be all must be saved in that new folder and you can understand it properly from PHP website design tutorial.
Step 2: Creating HTML pages
Using Dreamweaver you can create the PHP script. Instead of Dreamweaver you also can use Notepad++ or Sublime. The script writing software is not a big matter. As for example, a script has been given below. You can get the correct PHP website design code. 

This is a basic PHP programming to display ‘Hello World’. After saving the file in the folder open the XAMPP control panel and click on start button for Apache and MySQL. Then go the browser and type ‘localhost’.  We can complete PHP website design projects before time following all the instructions. Then the below list will be shown.

From this list go to the folder ‘PHPwebsite’ and click on ‘example1.php’. now the output will be shown on the page. We can create PHP website design patterns for your business.

PHP language is most possibly the popular and trendy web developing language which is basically a scripting language. The reason behind PHP popularity is the simple and easy techniques of learning this. The use of PHP makes the user’s life most exciting. You can get PHP web application design patterns. The main two reasons behind the use of PHP are:

1. Using the PHP language we are able to do such kind of work like the main sending through a web page, HTML forms, and so on. You can get the perfect PHP web app design from our company.
2. If you are able to do PHP programming then it will help you to know server-side programming.
There are both disadvantages and advantages of using PHP over WordPress. But today’s developers are mainly using the WordPress platform for their website. We have experts who can create website design with PHP and mysql.