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Pros and Cons of Facebook Shop

If you are willing to start a business but getting afraid about how to begin, then here is great news for you. Just open a Facebook account and enrich your friend list with more friends. Now you can get surprised and think it must be a joke after reading it but no, it is fact. Facebook gives you the opportunity to start your own business throughout the world as you can operate your very own Facebook page for business purpose with Facebook Shopify. Almost every people check their Facebook whenever they get some free minute. If your business is...

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11 Tips on Whiteboard Animation Video Development

Whiteboard animation is a recent trend that magnetizes a huge crowd from all over the world. Well, if you are also interested in knowing this, then let’s clear first what actually it is. Basically, it is a technique of communication by combining animated illustrations with an appropriate voiceover. Can you recall your childhood when you used to learn poems by looking at the pictures of it? Yes, it is quite similar to that. You will acquire the knowledge provided in the video easily, with the help of some visual ailment. Now, if you want to create your own whiteboard...

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Top 8 Email marketing plugins for WordPress

There are some plugins in WordPress for email marketing. They are as follows: Easy Sign Up This plugin helps to create customizable thanking mail which will be sent to the visitor and in alters the visitor’s name and email will be sent to the email address chosen by you. The basic use of this plugin is to collect all email addresses for the newsletter. We use email marketing plugins for WordPress. 2. MailPress The platform regarding the mailing in WordPress using the MailPress plugin has some features like • Using the dedicated templates and themes style the plain text...

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Basic Tutorial on Dynamic PHP Website Design

PHP means PHP:Hypertext Preprocessor which has a wide use in web development. PHP is mainly one of the famous scripting languages. PHP language can be embedded into HTML programming. Few steps need to be followed during the website making using PHP website design software. Step 1: Server setting To start a PHP program you need to have XAMPP software to be installed. After downloading and installing XAMPP check that the software is running properly or not. Then in the XAMPP folder create a new folder named ‘PHPwebsite’ in the folder of ‘htdocs’. Whatever the next file will be all...

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HTML Tutorial on How to create a Website

Besides WordPress, you can make a website using HTML language. You will have predictable troubles no matter which and what web page editor are being used and you will be required to know HTML to sort out the problem. Few easy steps are described below to make a website. You should know the full form of HTML which is Hyper Text Markup Languages. You can create website and email with the assistance of our experts. The first step is to download notepad, notepad++ or Dreamweaver to write the script for HTML. For a quick demonstration that how the script...

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